HETHorizon Educational trust (No I TRUST 11837/98), founded in 1998, has played a significant and extensive role in fostering a good relationship between South Africa and Turkey in the educational, cultural and social fields.

HET’s 1st project was Star International School in Cape Town in 1999 and the 2nd project was Horizon High School in Johannesburg in 2000.In 2002, Horizon Educational Trust declared its Third school in Durban as Star College. In 2012, Horizon Educational Trust opened its Fourth school in Pretoria as Star College.

Star Colleges are committed to empowering learners to achieve their goals and realize their potential through HOLISTIC APPROACH, UNIVERSAL VALUES and QUALITY EDUCATION.

In Januray 2013, HET’s board of Trustees passed a resolution to unite all its school’s name as STAR COLLEGE throughout South Africa.

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